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Paul Drecksler, Founder

That's me, Paul.

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My name is Paul and I created this website to help you choose the right affiliate software for your Shopify store. This is something I've had to do many times for client websites and for my own e-commerce stores. And what I've found is that there is no universal perfect solution for every store. The right affiliate software for your e-commerce site depends on your particular needs and budget.

Obviously an e-commerce store that requires an enterprise level solution would not benefit from an app geared towards small businesses, and vice-versa. You’ll want to choose a software that satisfies your needs today while also thinking about the immediate future. Switching affiliate software after you’ve already built a large affiliate base is a pain. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but it’s not something you want to plan on doing. It’s best to begin with a software that you can grow with into the foreseeable future.

My goal with this website is to save you from having to perform the research that I've already done.

In less than one hour, you can read about every possible Shopify affiliate solution for your store without having to visit each site, read through their sales pages, dig through their documentation, or install their software. These are things I've already done for you. And with your help, I'll continue to update this website to reflect the on-going development and changes of each software to include their new features or pricing structure.

I've also attempted to reach out to every company listed on this website to establish a relationship with their founders or individual representatives from their sales and tech teams. I'm happy to share this information with my readers in an effort to connect you with real people behind otherwise faceless companies. I prefer to work with “real people”, and I'm sure you're the same way. Please treat the representatives from these companies with the respect they deserve in all of your communication.

I wish that a website like this existed when I was researching affiliate software for my Shopify stores.

I hope that it saves you a tremendous amount of time an energy. Additionally, by reading my affiliate app comparisons, you may learn about some software features that you didn't know to look for. This can open the door to new revenue channels for your store.

Some of the links on this website (but not all of them) are affiliate links, which means I earn a commission for connecting visitors with services. Just know that I will never steer you towards a particular software just for the affiliate commission. My detailed and honest breakdown of affiliate software apps for Shopify is intended to place you with the best software for your needs and budget, and sometimes that will be with one of my affiliate partners, and other times not. My commitment to providing factual, truthful, and transparent information is of the utmost importance to maintaining the credibility of this project. With that being said, I appreciate you supporting this website by using my affiliate links when applicable before signing up for services mentioned on this website.

I also offer Shopify services including custom theme design, app development, site optimization, and store management. Take a look at some of the free and paid services offered here.

Thanks for being here. Contact me if there's anything I can do for you.