Looking for an affiliate app for your Shopify store? I've compared every Shopify affiliate app for you and narrowed them down to my top 3 picks. I've done the research and found that these three Shopify affiliate apps offer a rich selection of features, ease of use, and a good bang for your buck in their respective categories. This isn't to say that another app isn't good or wouldn't work for you, but based on my extensive research, these three apps are a great place to start your search. You can also check out my Shopify Affiliate App Comparison Chart to see all your available affiliate software options, or fill out this short questionnaire and I can recommend one for you. Otherwise, continue below to my Top 3 Picks.

Winner for Features vs Value: ShoutOut

Website: www.shoutout.global

Plans & Price: $39 – $79/mo

All Shoutout plans include unlimited visitors, affiliates, tracking requests, orders, and sales. Some features are only included in higher tiers such as multilevel marketing, API access, lifetime association on commissions, recurring commissions, and customized fields.

Highlight Features: Unlimited Everything, Discount Code Tracking, Recurring Commissions, Affiliate Specific Commissions, Embeddable Sign-Up Forms & Affiliate Dashboards, Automatic Shopify Refund Sync, Unlimited Affiliate Tiers for MLM Programs

Review: ShoutOut was started in 2018 with a mission to create a new affiliate app with streamlined and predictable pricing for Shopify store owners, because existing affiliate apps all charged based on the volume traffic, quantify of sales, or number of affiliates in the program – which makes it hard for new programs to predict expenses. ShoutOut on the other hand offers one low flat fee regardless of traffic, sales, or number of affiliates in your program. What you pay today is the same you'll pay even when your affiliate program is highly successful. Personally I've been waiting for an affiliate app to offer this type of model and I have high hopes and expectations for the company. The developers are actively working on adding new features and they are highly responsive to customer service or technical help inquiries.

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Winner for Full Feature Set: LeadDyno

Website: www.leaddyno.com

Plans & Price: $29/mo – $349/mo

All plans include unlimited affiliates, orders, phone, e-mail, and live chat support. The bigger plans include more unique visitors per month to your site.

Highlight Features: Discount Code Tracking, Recurring Commissions, SKU Specific Commissions, Affiliate Specific Commissions, Assign Customers to Affiliates, Automatic Shopify Refund Sync, Two-Tier Affiliates Levels, Multiple Stores, On-Domain Affiliate Signup Pages & Dashboard, Affiliate Marketplace

Review: LeadDyno was founded in 2012 by a Sacramento, CA development team. Their software plays very nice with Shopify via their official Shopify app. And without sacrificing an easy to use interface, they're able to offer a full suite of features that you'd expect from a moderately priced affiliate software. They offer more than the traditional 3 plans that other company's offer which means you won't break the bank while growing your store revenue. Additionally, they offer phone, e-mail, and live chat support on all plans. Overall, another great solution for e-commerce stores big and small. My only complaint with LeadDyno is that pricing tiers increase based on your traffic, regardless of whether the visits were generated from affilites. So if you have high traffic from organic search or from paid campaigns like Google or Facebook Ads, it may put you on a higher pricing tier with LeadDyno regardless of the success of your affiliate program.

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Winner for Medium/High Ticket Item Stores: Refersion

Website: www.refersion.com

Plans & Price: $89/mo / Custom Pricing

All plans include unlimited affiliates and monthly visitors, the ability to track sales by discount code, emails, or SKU, and the ability to offer different commission rates for individual affiliates or products. The Professional Plan is limited by the quantity of affiliate sales generated in a month. The Custom plan includes a higher quantity of sales.

Highlight Features: Unlimited Monthly Visitors, Discount Code Tracking, SKU Specific Commissions, Multiple Stores, Gift Card Payouts, Affiliate Marketplace

Review: Since Refersion charges based on the quantity of affiliate sales processed in a given month, I recommend them for medium/higher ticket item stores, or stores with an average checkout of $30-$60 or higher. At that level, their fee structure becomes very attractive because you're only paying incrementally for sales, and not for traffic, whereas many other apps charge based on the number of visits regardless of where they originate from. Whereas if you're a high volume low ticket store, you might prefer paying for traffic and getting unlimited sales. Refersion is feature rich and a great choice for established stores.

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And that concludes my Top 3 Picks. My runners-up were Post Affiliate Pro and Tapfiliate for medium to large stores who require advanced technical configurations that the apps above don't allow. My Top 3 Picks are perfect for DIY store owners who don't employ a development team or in-house developer. However, these two apps are great for more advanced affiliate programs since they aren't designed to work “out of box”.

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