Goaffpro is an affiliate solution for Shopify and WooCommerce store owners that offers a generous free plan as well as a flat rate premium plan for $24/month. Their free plan includes unlimited affiliates, unlimited sales, unlimited traffic, a branded affiliate portal hosted on their domain, welcome e-mails, and analytics. Their paid plan adds multi-level marketing (MLM) capabilities, the option to host the affiliate portal on your own domain, sales/payout notifications to affiliates, e-mail newsletters to affiliates, advanced analytics, and additional customization options which I'll breakdown below.

Although the free plan is generous, you'll most likely need to upgrade to the Paid plan at some point to get everything you need out of Goaffpro. However the paid plan is moderately priced and a good value for the money.

This information has been sent to Goaffpro for fact checking.

Plans & Pricing

Free Plan includes unlimited affiliates, visitors, and sales.

Paid Plan is $24/month and adds additional features including: MLM capabilities ◦ Advanced Analytics ◦ Custom Domains for Affiliate Sign-up / Dashboard ◦ Fixed Commissions ◦ Collection Commissions ◦ Commission Modifiers ◦ Affiliate E-mails ◦ Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) ◦ From E-mail Address ◦ Commision Hold Time ◦ Targets ◦ Bonuses ◦ Assign Affiliates to Customers ◦ Affiliate Page Builder ◦ Multiple Sign-Up Pages ◦ Membership Fees ◦ WP Form Collection ◦ Invoicing ◦ Legal Documents ◦ Manager Accounts ◦ Scripts ◦ Shopify Account Sync ◦ Referral Link Parameters ◦ Affiliate Conflict Resolution ◦ 3rd Party Integrations


Unlimited: Visitors, Affiliates, Tracking Requests, Orders, Sales

Limited: Features. See “Paid” plan info above or continue reading below for details about what's limited with the free plan.

Affiliate Signup Page – Free plan comes with a sign-up page hosted with Goaffpro (ie: yourstore.goaffpro.com), meaning the affiliate leaves your domain and visits a subdomain of Goaffpro.com to sign-up. The Paid plan lets you host your affiliate sign-up page and dashboard as a subdomain of your domain (ie: affiliates.yourstore.com). Goaffpro offers some advanced abilities to customize the look and feel of your affiliate sign-up page and dashboard (as opposed to just inserting your logo like other apps). Some of these customizations required the Paid plan.

Custom Affiliate Dashboard: Same as the sign-up page above, the Free plan comes with an affiliate dashboard hosted on a subdomain of Goaffpro.com (ie: yourstore.goaffpro.com), and the Paid plan lets you host the affiliate dashboard on a subdomain of your domain (ie: affiliates.yourstore.com).

Affiliate Creatives: This area lets you upload images and banners for your affiliates to use to promote your store. Only images are supported right now (ie: e-mail templates are not supported).

Affiliate Approval Settings: You can set Goaffpro to automatically or manually approve your new affiliates after registration.

Shopify Account Sync: You can automatically create Shopify Customer Accounts when new Affiliates register.

Google Recaptcha: Helps protect your affiliate signup page against bots.

Track Affiliate Sales by Link / URL: Yes (for the most part, this is standard among all services). Affiliate can create links to any page or product on the site.

Customizable URL: Yes, you customize the affiliate URL with Goaffpro. For example, the default affiliate URL would be something like: https://www.mystore.com/collections/sale-items?p=xxxxxxx – where “xxxxxxx” is replaced with an affiliate ID number. However, the affiliate can also choose to customize and replace the affiliate ID number with their name or website name.

Track by Discount Code: Yes, you can track affiliate sales through discount codes with Goaffpro. Only one commission rate available per affiliate, meaning that you can't have separate commission rate for links vs discount codes through the same affiliate account. Automated coupon creation for new signups is available, including the ability for the affiliate to customize the coupon code. You can also set it to automatically apply the discount code at checkout if a customer clicks on an affiliate link.

Track by QR Code: No, Goaffpro does not have a built-in QR Code generator.

Track by Customer E-mail: Yes, you can assign customers to affiliates for life, which means the original referring affiliate can be set to receive commissions for the lifetime of the customer, regardless of if the customer ever click on their affiliate link again or any other affiliate. This requires the Paid plan.

Link to Individual Products: Yes, affiliates can link to any product, page, or collection on your site. (Some other affiliate programs only let you link to the homepage.)

Sub IDs: No, affiliates cannot create sub-IDs for tracking purposes.

Syncs with Shopify Refunds: Yes, refunds are handled automatically which means that commissions are reversed from accounting ledger of affiliate.

Control Cookie Length: Yes, you can control the cookie length in hours or days. Most affiliate apps only let you set cookie length by days, so the ability to set cookie length by hours is a unique feature to Goaffpro.

Remove Tracking After Order: This feature disables the cookie after a customers order, so that future commissions require that the customer clicks on another affiliate link. This feature is unique to Goaffpro.

Sign Up Bonuses: A setting that allows you to credit a sign-up bonus to the affiliates account after they join.

Control Cookie Order: Yes, with Goaffpro, you can control whether the Last Click / Last Affiliate or the First Click / First Affiliate receives the commission. This requires the Paid plan.

Commission Type: Commissions assigned for sales conversions only. (Some apps let you assign commissions for events like e-mail sign-ups, video views, etc.)

Recurring Commissions – Yes, there is support for recurring commissions with ReCharge Payments App and Bold Subscriptions App.

Custom Commissions per SKU: Yes, you can assign custom affiliate rates per product/SKU.

Custom Commissions per Affiliate: Yes, each affiliate may have a custom commission rate. This allows you to, for example, offer all affiliates 10% commission by default, but offer your power affiliates 15% on a per-account basis.

Custom Commissions per Collection: Yes, each Collection may have a custom commission rate. This feature is only offered on the Paid Plan.

Fixed Commissions: Goaffpro has a unique option which lets you permanently assign affiliates to a product, which could be used for paying a royalty or licensing fee. For example, you could assign Paul Affiliate to a YOLO T-Shirt for 5%, and every time that t-shirt sells, Paul Affiliate earns 5%. If your general affiliate commission was 10%, and another affiliate is involved in that sale, both Paul would earn 5% and the other affiliate would earn 10%.

Commission Modifiers: This feature lets you modify affiliate commissions based on a set of rules such as order subtotal, customer shipping state/country, first time customer, customer e-mail, customer tag, and others.

Commission Hold Time: Paid plans allow you to set a commission hold time, which is the amount of days to hold the commission for before the commission becomes payable to the affiliate.

Minimum Payout: Goaffpro allows you to set the minimum amount of commission accrued before an affiliate can be paid.

How are commissions calculated? Goaffpro gives you the option of either calculating commissions before or after discount codes, taxes, and shipping. The general policy with affiliate programs is to pay a commission on the subtotal (ie: after discounts but before taxes / shipping). Goaffpro also gives the option to exclude commissions on self-referrals (ie: if the affiliate purchases items themselves through their own affiliate links).

Only Pay For New Customers: Yes, there is an option to only pay commission on new customers.

Multi Level Marketing (MLM): Goaffpro offers up to 10 tiered affiliate levels on their Paid plan only. This allows you to have “Parent Affiliates” who receive ongoing commissions for referring “sub-affiliates”. Their MLM structure allows for different commissions to be set depending upon where the up-line sits in the MLM structure, and you can set custom commissions for referred affiliates. You can also use this to pay licensing fees for specific SKUs. You can also offer recruitment bonuses as well as show Sponsor (ie: Parent Affiliate) on the sign-up page.

Performance Based Commission: Yes, Goaffpro offers the ability to automate commission increases and add bonuses for your affiliates based on their performance. This requires the Paid plan.

Multiple Stores (Domains) w/ Single Affiliate Login: No, you can only manage one store's affiliate program through your account. However you are able to insert your tracking code into other websites like WordPress or Clickfunnels landing pages.

Payout Options: Goaffpro supports integrated PayPal Payouts (formerly PayPal Mass Payments) or Manual Payments (ie: pay your affiliates however you'd like outside their system and simply mark them as paid within your affiliate dashboard). Payments appear in the affiliates dashboard and general ledger.

Even though only PayPal Payouts is integrated into Goaffpro, you can provide your affilaites the option at sign-up to enter their payment information for Bank Transfer, Check, Debit Card, Cash, Payoneer, Bitcoin, M-Pesa, Venmo, CashApp, Google Pay, SEPA, Revolut, PayTM, UTI, WeChat, AliPay, PayNow, BKash, Mercado Pago, or Store Gift Card. You'll need to process those payment types outside of the app, but this option allows you to collect payment info at sign-up.

Post Checkout Popup: With this feature, you can attempt to convert customers into affiliates after they have completed their checkout via a popup.

Affiliate E-mails: You can send e-mail blasts out to your affiliates through your portal. Only basic e-mail blasts are supported and not triggered or sequenced e-mails, which you'd have to use a 3rd party e-mail service for.

Affiliate Import / Export: Yes, you can import an unlimited number of affiliates into Goaffpro as well as export affiliate data to third party apps like MailChimp, Klaviyo, etc. Goaffpro will even import your affiliates for you if you're come from one affiliate app to another.

Analytics: Through your affiliate portal you can see how many sales and commissions have been generated, as well as a Leaderboard of your top affiliates.

Languages: Goaffpro offers their affiliate portal in multiple languages including: English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Turkish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), & Korean.

You also have the option to automatically set the language of the affiliate portal based on the affiliate's location. The translation is only for their portal / menu system and does not include a full translation on all templates, letters, emails, dashboards, and notifications.

Integrations: With their Paid plan, Goaffpro has built-in integrations with Mailchimp, Omnisend, Klaviyo, ConvertKit, MailerLite, Hubspot, Recharge Payments, Bold Subscription, Zipify OCU, Paywhirl, and Bitly.

Zapier Integration: No, Goaffpro does not integrate with Zapier. The only apps that offer this are Refersion and Shoutout

Mobile App: Goaffpro offers a mobile app for Android and iOS that affiliate can download to track their performance. This is a unique feature to Goaffpro. Affiliates can also use QR code recruitment through the mobile app if you've got MLM features enabled.

Affiliate Marketplace: Goaffpro offes an affiliate marketplace where you can list your store and connect with affiliates. You can customize your store listing details through the Goaffpro dashboard.

About Goaffpro the Company

Goaffpro was started in April 2019 in India. Their mission is to offer an affordable freemium based professional affiliate marketing app.