Affiliatly is a super simple affiliate management software that offers a lot of bang for your buck. Every plan comes with their full set of features and the only thing that differs with the higher plans is the number of affiliates. I think Affiliatly is a great solution for smaller stores and first time affiliate managers because of their software's ease of use and price point. Affiliatly's biggest perk is its simplicity, but it still packs some of the same big features as its more expensive competitors. I'm a big fan of Affiliatly and their extremely responsive support.

This information has been fact checked for accuracy by Tsvetalin Todorov of Affiliatly.

Plans & Pricing

All plans include unlimited visitors, tracking requests, orders, and sales. The bigger plans include more affiliates.

Starter – $16/mo for up to 50 affiliates

Advanced – $24/mo for up to 200 affiliates

Professional – $39/mo for up to 500 affiliates


Unlimited: Visitors, Tracking Requests, Orders, Sales

Limited: Plan dependent on number of active affiliates

Affiliate Signup Page – The affiliate sign-up page is hosted at Affiliatly.

Custom Affiliate Dashboard – The affiliate dashboard is also hosted at Affiliatly.

Track Affiliate Sales by URL: Yes (for the most part, this is standard among all services)

Customizable URL: Yes, you can change the affiliate number or replace it with a name. For example, your links will look like this but with your domain – And you could replace the number “70” with “paul” for example.

Track by Discount Code: Yes, and you can offer custom commissions for using coupons.

Track by QR Code: Yes, Affiliatly supports QR code tracking which is a unique feature to them.

Track by Customer E-mail: Yes. This is a feature which will allow you to associate client's email with certain affiliate and that affiliate will get commission on every purchase made with that email.

Link to Individual Products: Yes, affiliates can link to any product or page on your site.

Sub IDs: Yes, used for tracking purposes.

Syncs with Shopify Refunds: Affiliatly supports refunds syncing. All refunds done in Shopify, are automatically done in your affiliate program database as well.

Control Cookie Length: Yes, you can control the length of the cookie period.

Control Cookie Order: Yes, with Affiliatly you can control whether the First Click / First Affiliate receives the commission or whether the Last Click / Last Affiliate receives the commission when there are multiple affiliates involved. This is not something every affiliate app can do, as most default to the Last Click / Last Affiliate method. However it's not in your settings. By default Affiliatly is set to First Click, but if want to change this, you just need to e-mail Affiliatly support and they will change your tracking code (if you are on Shopify) to Last Click or give you the link for that code (if you are not on Shopify).

Commission Type: You can set commissions by Total Sales, Number of Sales, or Number of Referred Visitors. The ability to set commissions for Number of Visitors is a feature that not all softwares offer.

Recurring Commissions – Yes, you can offer recurring commissions for affiliates. There's also a setting called Recurring Earnings which lets you edit the commission amount for future sales from the same client.

Custom Commissions per SKU: Yes, you can have different commission offers per product.

Custom Commissions per Affiliate: Yes,  you can manually change the commission rate or structure for specific affiliates.

Only Pay For New Customers: Almost. Using the Recurring Earnings settings, you can reduce affiliate commissions for the same client. But it's based on the cookie duration, not the customer's e-mail address. So eventually the Affiliate will be able to earn again on the same client.

Vendor Payout (Multiple Tier): Affiliatly offers tiered affiliate levels. This allows you to have “Parent Affiliates” who receive on-going commissions for referring “sub-affiliates”. You can also use this to pay licensing fees for specific SKUs.

Multiple Stores w/ Single Affiliate Login: No, you can only manage one affiliate program through your account.

Payout Options: Paypal or Gift Card via the app itself. There is also the option to Mark Affiliate Commissions As Paid if affiliate managers chose to pay their affiliates via Check, Bank Transfer, or any 3rd Party Payment system outside of the app.

About Affiliatly the Company

Affiliatly was started in July 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria by a really small, but dedicated team of two.

The whole thing started because they wanted to explore Shopify’s marketplace and wished to introduce affordable affiliate program for small business owners. They started the product with only very few features, but since then, are constantly improving the app and are really happy when their customers have success with it.

For the future they plan on making the app even better by introducing new features like an Affiliate Leaderboard and the ability to contact affiliates. Affiliatly is also actively reworking and improving current features like the banners section, email tracking, and recurring commissions.