Gold Merchant is an overly simplified affiliate management software for Shopify stores, which means it has a limited set of features. The pros are that it's very easy to setup and the affiliate dashboard is integrated with your Shopify's customer account page. The cons are that it lacks features you may want like tracking affiliate sales by discount code, assigning different commissions per SKU, setting the duration of a cookie, and more. Seems to serve it's purpose as a simple solution, but make sure you don't need the additional features offered by alternative apps.

Plans & Pricing

Gold Merchant offers one plan at $21/month which includes unlimited affiliates, orders, visitors, tracking requests, sales, and e-mail support.


Unlimited: Affiliates, Orders, Sales, Visitors, Tracking Requests

Limited: One size fits all plan that includes all available features.

Affiliate Signup Page – Integrated into the account page of your Shopify store.

Custom Affiliate Dashboard – The affiliate dashboard is integrated with the customer account page of your Shopify store. It's very easy and quick to sign up as an affiliate.

Track Affiliate Sales by URL: Yes (for the most part, this is standard among all services)

Customizable URL: No, you cannot customize the affiliate URL structure. They all look something like this:

Track by Discount Code: No, you cannot track affiliate commissions with a discount code.

Track by Customer E-mail: No, you cannot permanently assign a customer to an affiliate.

Link to Individual Products: Yes, affiliates can link to any product or page on your site by adding their affiliate string to the end of any page.

Sub IDs: No.

Syncs with Shopify Refunds: No, if there's a refund, you have to manually remove the commission from the affiliate management dashboard.

Control Cookie Length: No, you cannot change the cookie duration, which is unknown.

Commission Type: Percentage of Sales or Flat Dollar Amount Per Order

Recurring Commissions No, however you can limit the number of commissions paid out to affiliates to the first 5 orders of a customer.

Custom Commissions per SKU: No, flat rate for all products or fixed dollar amount per order.

Custom Commissions per Affiliate: Yes,  you can manually change the commission rate or structure for specific affiliates.

Only Pay For New Customers: No, there is no option to only pay affiliates for new customers. Returning customers whose sales were generated through an affiliate link are also paid a commission to the affiliate.

Vendor Payout (Multiple Tier): No, only one tier affiliate system, which means you cannot have “parent affiliates” and “sub-affiliates”.

Multiple Stores w/ Single Affiliate Login: No, only one store can be managed per account.

Payout Options: Paypal, Bank Transfer, Custom (manual payments of your choice)