LeadDyno offers another moderately priced affiliate software for Shopify that comes feature rich. It's easy to use for beginners but also comes packed with some advanced features that I'll get into below. All said and done, it's a good choice if it fits your budget, since it will most likely have the technical features you're looking for. More info on that below.

This information has been fact checked for accuracy by Brett Owens of LeadDyno.

Plans & Pricing

All plans include unlimited traffic and orders. The bigger plans include more active affiliates, custom commission structures, priority support, and more.

Lite – $49/mo for up to 50 active affiliates

Essential – $129/mo for up to 150 active affiliates

Advanced – $349/mo for up to 500 active affiliates

Unlimited – $749/mo for unlimited affiliates


Unlimited: Traffic, Orders, Sales Volume, and Bandwidth

Limited: Plan dependent on number of active affiliates

Affiliate Signup Page – Three options: 1) Hosted at yourdomain.leaddyno.com 2) Embedded into your website via iframe. 3) Custom domain sign-up page (ie: http://affiliates.yourdomain.com)

Custom Affiliate Dashboard – Same as the affiliate sign-up page, you can assign a custom domain for your affiliates to access their dashboard at a URL like http://affiliates.yourdomain.com instead of https://account-name.leaddyno.com.

Affiliate Recruitment – 1) LeadDyno offers the ability to send an automatic e-mail to your customers after they purchase inviting them to join your affiliate program. Nice feature, but could also be replicated on any site via Shopify thank you e-mails or automated MailChimp follow-up sequences. 2) LeadDyno customers also get complimentary access to their affiliate network where they can be featured and also reach out directly to their database of affiliates.

Track Affiliate Sales by URL: Yes (for the most part, this is standard among all services)

Customizable URL: Yes, you can customize the affiliate URL (ie: change the affiliate code from a random string of numbers/letters to “paul” for example).

Track by Discount Code: Yes, on all plans with Shopify.

Track by Customer E-mail: Yes, you can permanently assign a customer to an affiliate.

Link to Individual Products: Yes, affiliates can link to any product or page on your site.

Sub IDs: Yes, used for tracking purposes.

Syncs with Shopify Refunds: Yes, LeadDyno automatically syncs with Shopify Refunds. With this feature, the commission is removed from the affiliate without you having to manually make the change. This is a big perk for easier refund management.

Control Cookie Length: Yes, you can control the length of the cookie period.

Control Cookie Order: Yes, with LeadDyno you can control whether the First Click / First Affiliate receives the commission or whether the Last Click / Last Affiliate receives the commission when there are multiple affiliates involved. This is not something every affiliate app can do, as most default to the Last Click / Last Affiliate method.

Commission Type: You can set commissions for referring Visitors, Leads, and/or Purchases. For Purchases, you can pay as a Percentage of Sale or Dollar Amount. The ability to set commissions for Visitors and Leads is a feature that not all softwares offer.

Recurring Commissions – You can set the commission to repeat monthly forever, or for a set number of months.

Custom Commissions per SKU: Yes, you can have different commission offers per product.

Custom Commissions per Affiliate: Yes,  you can manually change the commission rate or structure for specific affiliates.

Only Pay For New Customers: Yes, there is an option to only pay affiliates for new customers.

Vendor Payout (Multiple Tier): LeadDyno offers tiered affiliate levels. This allows you to have “Parent Affiliates” who receive on-going commissions for referring “sub-affiliates”.

Multiple Stores w/ Single Affiliate Login: Yes,  you can have your affiliates be able to login to one backend and promote multiple stores that you operate. However, with Shopify, they can only integrate purchase tracking with one account at a time via their app, so you'll have to contact support to set it up for you.

Payout Options: Paypal or Dwolla

Zapier Integration: Yes, in Feb 2021, LeadDyno introduced Zapier integration into their software. This will allow you to automatically send new lead or affiliate data to another Zapier supported platform such as Google Sheets, MailChimp, Airtable, Slack, and thousands of others. Only a few affiliate apps support Zapier integration making this a standout feature for LeadDyno.

About LeadDyno the Company

LeadDyno was founded 2012 by Carson Gross, Mike Machado, and Brett Owens. They built LeadDyno for Brett's first software company, Chrometa, and soon spun it out into its own company and product. They currently have 8 employees with an office in midtown Sacramento, CA.

LeadDyno's initial goal was to provide a modern, affordable, effective and smooth affiliate tracking system to small business. They have since expanded their mission to include their own affiliate network with a dedicated focus on e-commerce. Their current mission is to not only setup websites and online stores with affiliate tracking, but to also help introduce them to top affiliates and influencers in their niches.