I'm a fan of Refersion overall. Their service is feature rich and their customer service is very responsive. They also come highly recommended by many industry leaders. They recently changed their pricing to a more attractive fee structure that is based on the quantity of affiliate sales per month instead of a percentage of gross affiliate sales like their old fee structure had. With their new pricing and full feature set that is included with all plans, I'm finding myself referring more customers their way now, especially stores with mid to high level ticket orders.

This information has been fact checked for accuracy by Shibo Xu of Refersion.

Plans & Pricing

Both plans include unlimited affiliates and visits and are limited by the quantity of affiliate sales generated in a month. The Growth & Custom plans includes a higher quantity of sales, the ability to track sales by discount code, emails, or SKU, and the ability to have custom commission rates for different affiliates or SKUs.

Startup – $19/month for up to 30 affiliate orders/month

Growth – $89/month for up to 130 affiliate orders/month

Custom – Contact them for custom pricing if your quantity of monthly affiliate sales exceeds their current plan offerings.


Unlimited: Affiliates, Visitors, and Bandwidth

Limited: Plan dependent on quantity of affiliate orders/month

Track Affiliate Sales by URL: Yes (for the most part, this is standard among all services)

Customizable URL: They have an integrated Bitly shortener which the affiliate can use to create custom links to individual products or pages on the site. You cannot customize the affiliate URL directly through Refersion (ie: change the affiliate code from a random string of numbers to “paul” for example). Instead they provide instructions on setting up 301-redirects manually through Shopify, but that's not the same as customizing the URL structure in other options. In general, not a huge factor though.

Track by Discount Code: Yes, but only with the Growth and Custom plans.

Track by Customer E-mail: Yes, but only with the Growth and Custom plans and it's not automatic. You can manually assign an affiliate to receive commissions on all sales generated through a customer.

Link to Individual Products: Yes, if enabled. Affiliate has to manually create links in the backend though.

Sub IDs: Yes, used for tracking purposes.

Syncs with Shopify Refunds: Yes, their app syncs with Shopify refunds. You can also manually add negative credits when applicable.

Control Cookie Length: Yes, you can control the length of the cookie period.

Commission Type: Percentage of Sale or Flat Rate

Custom Commissions per Product: Yes, you can have different commission offers per product.

Custom Commissions per Affiliate: Yes,  you can manually change the commission rate or structure for specific affiliates.

Only Pay For New Customers: This feature is available by request. It allows you to only pay commissions to your affiliates on NEW customers and not for returning customers.

Commission Tiers: Refersion recently released a tiered commission feature. Tiered commissions provide commission terms/payouts based on affiliate sales, allowing merchants to provide a gamified structure. So essentially an affiliate can earn a higher percentage commission when their total sales volume increases.

Affiliate Tiers (Sub-Affiliates) – There is only one level of affiliates with Refersion, meaning affiliates cannot recruit sub-affiliates.

Multiple Stores w/ Single Affiliate Login: Yes,  you can have your affiliates be able to login to one backend and promote multiple stores that you operate.

Payout Options: PayPal Mass Payments, Gift Card, Manual (checks, cash, donations)

Customers into Affiliates: With this feature, you can automatically turn customers into affiliates with one click. After purchase, the customer is prompted to refer their friends and get a % back (most likely as a gift card, but you can choose that or cash). It's like a built-in referral program as opposed to using a separate referral app.

Affiliate Marketplace

This company has a Refersion Marketplace where brands can be introduced to new potential affiliates. It seems to serve more as a brand directory as opposed to an integrated affiliate network. This means that the affiliate needs to separately apply to each brand's affiliate program and manage their links, commissions, and payouts through the individual brand's affiliate backend. This differs from CJ.com or Clickbank for example in that those affiliate marketplaces allow affiliates to represent multiple stores through one backend. As of March 2018, they have 1744 merchants in the marketplace.

UPDATE March 2018: Refersion is now integrated with Viglink and Skimlinks into their Marketplace so that their merchants have access to more affiliates.

About Refersion the Company

Refersion operates out of New York City as a small but mighty team of six (all wearing multiple hats…but no fedoras, don’t worry) dedicated to building the best tool for running your own network of affiliates.

Want to know what sets us apart from the rest? We actually care about our users and are eager to support them in any way we can. When we help you customize your program, we also figure out how your new custom features can benefit the entire community. We’re always excited to release something large-scale that can add value to everyone’s program.

Our network of 1800+ merchants have grown to love our user-friendly platform (absolutely no coding required!) and we work hard to improve their experience everyday. Our mission is to make it easier than ever run your affiliate program.