Tapfiliate offers a mid-priced affiliate software for Shopify that comes packaged in a streamlined interface. One of the newer guys on the block, Tapfiliate was started in 2014 by a team of developers in Amsterdam who say their mission is to make the best affiliate software on the market. Unlike some of the other software reviewed on this website, Tapfiliate does not offer unlimited everything until you reach their Enterprise plan, but they do offer a robust set of features and integrations. They also do not have an official Shopify App, however, integrating with Shopify is a quick 2-step process that takes less than a minute. Tapfiliate offers some advanced features but seems like users would benefit from some programming experience, as it's not so “out of the box” like some of the other options available to Shopify store owners. The company does, however, pride itself on their willingness to help clients and developers setup their software for special use cases.

This information has been fact checked for accuracy by Imran of Tapfiliate.

Plans & Pricing

All plans include standard features, custom branding, unlimited tiers, e-mail support, and phone/Skype and live chat support by appointment. The bigger plans include more monthly clicks, impressions, conversions, and affiliates.

Essential – $69/mo for up to 200k clicks, 1M impressions, 75k conversions, and 1k affiliates. Plus standard features, custom branding, unlimited tiers, and triggers.

Pro – $149/mo for up to 500k clicks, 2.5M impressions, 250k conversions, and 10k affiliates. Plus Essential features, up to 5 team members, track multiple domains, and use your own domain.

Enterprise – Starts at $499/mo for unlimited clicks, impressions, conversions, and affiliates. Plus Pro features, custom skin, single sign on, and SEPA payouts.


Unlimited: Only on the Enterprise plan.

Limited: Plan limits vary by number of clicks, impressions, conversions, and affiliates.

Affiliate Signup Page – Hosted on Tapfiliate for the Essential plans, or on your own domain with the Pro/Enterprise plans.

Custom Affiliate Dashboard – You can assign a custom domain for your affiliates to access their dashboard at a URL like http://affiliates.yourdomain.com with the Pro/Enterprise plans.

Affiliate Importing – If you're coming from a different software, you can send Tapfiliate a CSV with your existing affiliates and they will important the list for you.

Track Affiliate Sales by URL: Yes (for the most part, this is standard among all services)

Customizable URL: This is possible, but currently not out of the box. Requires client-end coding. This feature is currently in the pipeline.

Track by Discount Code: Yes, however, it's not automatic. You'll have to create the discount codes in Shopify and then import them into Tapfiliate manually or via their API.

Track by Customer E-mail: This is currently not possible, however it's on their feature roadmap.

Link to Individual Products: Yes, affiliates can link to any product or page on your site.

Sub IDs: Yes, used for tracking purposes.

Syncs with Shopify Refunds: No, if there's a refund, you have to manually remove the commission from the affiliate management dashboard.

Control Cookie Length: Yes, you can control the length of the cookie period.

Commission Type: You can set commissions for Sales or Triggers, which let you perform actions when certain events happen in the platform. For example, you could use triggers to notify your affiliates of new conversions, or set up deep integrations with other services using webhooks.

Recurring Commissions Yes, Tapfiliate supports recurring commissions with some advanced options for choosing between fixed and percentage based commissions for recurrence.

Custom Commissions per SKU: Yes, this can be set up using the commission types feature.

Custom Commissions per Affiliate: Yes, this can be set up by creating separate programs.

Only Pay For New Customers: Yes, there is an option to only pay affiliates for new customers.

Vendor Payout (Multiple Tier): Tapfiliate offers unlimited tier affiliate levels. This allows you to have “Parent Affiliates” who receive on-going commissions for referring “sub-affiliates”.

Multiple Stores w/ Single Affiliate Login: Yes, you can track multiple domains on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

Multiple Currencies: Supported, and development team is willing to add more currencies as needed.

Payout Options: ACH, IBAN, Indian Bank, International Bank, Bitcoin, Check, Discount, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill, and WebMoney. The developers state that if you need a different payout method than the ones they currently offer, you can just send them a message and they will integrate it for you right away.

Asset Wall: An area of the affiliate dashboard to display image banners, HTML banners, text links, product feeds, and shareable Tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos and Vimeo videos.

Additional Features: One Click Social Sharing, Conversion Meta data, fraud protection, triggers, API access, and Zapier app.

About Tapfiliate the Company

Tapfiliate was founded in early 2014 by Thomas van der Kleij, who himself has worked on both ends of the affiliate marketing spectrum. Tapfiliate is feature rich software built with the kaizen method of continuous incremental improvements in mind.

Reflecting the strong belief of continuous improvement, Tapfiliate has successfully grown from a project started in a small dusty attic in an old Amsterdam building to be one of the globally popular affiliate tracking platforms. Cutting out all that is unnecessary, and putting all the focus on the product is what has brought Tapfiliate forward.